The Process

Intending Students Apply > Appilications are reviewed and approved > Approved students are assigned study groups > Learn with the curriculum > Intern with partner companies

Port Harcourt School Of AI, is a non-profit organization resident in Port Harcourt, that focuses on democratizing AI and making World Class Machine Learning & Data Science education accessible to underrepresented groups in Nigeria FREE through collaborative learning using study groups.

Our purpose is to develop talents, that will birth innovations, leverage on the power of Machine Learning and Data Science to solve local problems, create opportunities, make positive impacts on thier communities and birth a Nigeria where effective, transparent and optimal decisions are made through data WE CAN'T DO IT ALONE!!!

How to Support Us

Partner With Us

Are you a hub in the state that can help us provide our students with utilities necessary for a condusive learning environment such as electricity, internet and relaxed ambience?
Are you an organisation that leverages on Machine Learning & Data Science to build solutions, and wouldn't mind having some of our students interning with you ?
Are you and Individual with Expert or Intermediate knowledge on Machine Learning or Data Science / Analytics and wouldn't mind mentoring our students either on-site or remotely ?
Please Email Us, we'll love to get in touch with you

Donate Finances

As an non-profit organization which aims to aid under-privilegded members of the State acquire world class AI education free of charge, we need funds to provide stipends for our non-volunteer mentors, pay for the learning and educational services that we make use of and are subscribed to, funds our bi-annual events where we invite practioners to come impact us with industry knowledge and lots more.
If you'll like to donate to our cause but want to learn more about how funds are used, Please Email Us, we'll be more than happy to give you a detailed outline.

How to qualify for our learning cohorts ?

We organize a learning cohort yearly with a minimun intake of 20 students.We currently accepting applications to join our Practical Machine Learning Course and joining a learning cycle is purely based on merit. All you need to qualify are extreme levels of commitment, dedication and hunger to grow, as our learning curriculum is structured to take you from zero to intermediate.

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