Equipping Underrepresented Nigerians with DS & ML Skills, To Build The Future They Want For Themselves.

Who Are We?

Port Harcourt School Of AI, is a non-profit organization resident in Port Harcourt, that focuses on democratizing AI and making World Class Machine Learning & Data Science education accessible to underrepresented groups in Nigeria FREE through collaborative learning using study groups.

Our purpose is to develop talents, that will birth innovations, leverage on the power of Machine Learning and Data Science to solve local problems, create opportunities, make positive impacts on thier communities and birth a Nigeria where effective, transparent and optimal decisions are made through data. WE CAN'T DO IT ALONE!!!

Our Mission

Build a competent and collaborative AI learning community that will leverage on their skills to solve local problems, land jobs, create jobs and give back to the community.

Our Vision

A Nigeria equipped with talents that'll change the status quo with data.

Our Plan

Train atleast 40 locals and attach them to intern opportunities in 2020.

What We Do

Organize AI centric meetups to engage enthusiasts and foster community.

Host webinars and workshops to teach and discuss latest trends within the Machine Learning & Data Science sphere.

Organize structured learning cohorts yearly to teach Machine Learning & Data Science technologies.

Share jobs, internships and scholarship opportunities with members.

Encourage students to build open source tools that target their immediate society at the end of each learning cohort.

Engage and collaborate with industry leaders and organizations to form mutually benefitting partnerships.

What People Say About Us!

" The community provided me a sense of belonging, knowing there is community of people in your city with a shared interest in data science and AI. It that has allowed me to network and attend multiple free trainings. Its a Great place to start your AI journey. "

Osowo Ebuta Digital Entrepreneur & ICT Specialist

" Being a part of Port Harcourt School of AI has helped me greatly. I joined as a total newbie and so far, I've learned a lot from the members, made awesome friends who challenge me to be better and even got my first data science internship.. "

Gigi Keneth Student

" If you're in Nigeria, interested in the Data Science or Machine Learning Sphere and you haven't joined this community, you really should. They're a very dynamic non-profit organisation focused on making Machine Learning and Data Science accessible. "

Aurélién Geron Former Youtube Product Manager

" I had a good time speaking on "Your first machine learning project" for their Practical Machine Learning Training Cohort 2020. It's really endearing to see the kind of community activities happening there. "

Sayak Paul Google Developer Expert, Machine Learning

" Since joining this community, I have been opportuned to learn how to better understand how to use data within my organization and i have really improved my skills in programming and data science. "

Aquila Kalagbor Farmer, CEO Farmsby.com

" The load of training and classes made available by the school including opportunities are top notch and highly impactful. The team is doing a great job. A highly talented and motivated, skillful team they are. "

Damilola Omolayo Web Developer

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